Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Recs: All Roads Lead Me Back to You, NCFOM

As I mentioned previously (however, not RECENTLY), I'm on a reading kick. Who isn't. Well, frankly, a lot of folks in this grand age of DVR, OnDemand, True Blood and Mad Men. But a few good books have made this tortuous time between seasons (which seems to be getting longer, no?) a little less painful.

See: All Roads Lead Me Back to You. Okay. NOT about Texas. But, it is about Texas-related subject matter, such as ranching, immigration, and land rights. And a little lovin' thrown in for fun.

This debut novel by Kennedy Foster is beautiful, funny, and surprisingly original even if it does have a fairly straight forward plot. Warm, yet tough Washington rancher Alice is up to her ears in work when she finds Domingo Roque bleeding in the snow. She helps him dodge the immigration police while he helps her get the ranch back on track and fend off the rake aiming to sell his share of the ranch to pay off gambling debts. And in the process, they fall in love. How perfect is that!

All Roads Lead Me Back to You is a modern romance for an old world. A world that, I dare say, is dying out in the name of feed lots and mass production (see: Food, Inc., anything by Michael Pollan). The characters are lovable and expertly drawn. The romance is believable and real. Thank you, Kennedy for giving us a real woman. Let us be spared from sultriness. For anyone craving a contemporary western. (Shall we start a movement?) Stumbled on this book via blog of my Dream Agent, Janet Reid. Reid daily, or perish.

Also: No Country for Old Men. For obvious reasons. If there's anyone left out there who hasn't read it, I suggest you stop what you're doing right now, even if you are watching the 2nd season of True Blood AGAIN on OnDemand, and head to the library/bookstore/ you get books. Texas circa 1980. Hilarious dialogue WITH blood. A surprisingly quick read, so don't be scared even if you're still struggling through Blood Meridian.

Let's all grab a chocolate bar and start clippin' through pages.

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