Friday, October 16, 2009

Redirecting 'Afterlife', Introducing 'Texasville, CA'

It's official. The focus-less 'Afterlife' is dead. No really, no afterlife for 'Afterlife'. It's time to give this blog a purpose.

And as I'm finding a purpose for my writing in general, I thought it was only appropriate to devote this half-hearted attempt at blogging to the same thing: Texas. And all its murky glory.

Since leaving this God-forsaken state, I just can't stop thinking about it. Or talking about it. Or writing about it. Texas gets in your blood like West Nile after a skeeter bite (skeeter = read 'mosquito').

How do you write about a place when you don't even live there? From 2,000 miles away, I see Texas through new eyes and they find many more things to love, cherish, and celebrate about it. And as I mine the history books, blogosphere, the headlines, and the world wide web for these tidbits, I will share them with you. Hopefully, Texans on their beloved turf will appreciate it more and those who scoff at it from afar will scoff less.

You can never go home again. But at least you can write about it.