Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rescue me, Tommy Gavin...

I curse the day that TiVo, DVR, OnDemand, DVD series, and other such life-sucking devices came into existence. I have never watched more TV in my life. I'm totally hooked. This grown-up's self control is next to nothing.

I used to pride myself on my inability to commit to a television series. Remember when Party of Five was a big hit and all your friends were watching it? Not me, I couldn't hang in there. Friends? Nope. Saved by the Bell? Nope. Just couldn't be bothered.

Really though, I think it's just because TV is so gosh-darn awesome these days. And I'm not talking about the unoriginal, degrading poo that is reality television. (Is anyone else over Survivor?) I'm talking DRAMA. Like whoa. No, The Hills does not count.

My latest afflictions are as follows: Rescue Me, Madmen, Oz, and, shamefully, Desperate Housewives. I resisted for four straight seasons only to get completely sucked in to Wisteria Lane. But seriously, where has Tommy Gavin been all my life? His psychotic, drunken antics are so addicting and I can't get enough of the 'nostalgic' sexist charm of Sterling Advertising Agency. I tell you what, my loving husband irons his own shirts and when he's hungry, he makes himself something to eat. I don't even have a decent recipe for meatloaf.

But Oz? The details of this show are not fit to print and I find myself averting my eyes during certain fleeting moments of passion among the Oz community of inmates. It's definitely a show for grown-ups, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, I can't decide if it's a picture of everything a prison shouldn't be or one of everything that's wrong/right with the justice system!A moral dilemma! About a television show.

Books are a thing of the past these days and at the rate I'm going, I'll be kicked out of my book club. A small price to pay. What are you guys watching instead of working these days?

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Andy said...

Dude, you couldn't commit to SBTB? That's a life-changing show! I do understand the Tivo thing, though... I've got a bunch of series recorded, and I never watch anything live anymore

Cynthia said...

Whenever I do watch tv (which isn't often bc I don't have cable at my place), I seem to land on the Bravo channel.
My bf on the other hand, has been watching episodes of Prison Break back-to-back. I don't know if this show is anything like Oz, but it disturbs me, and I finally had to get him to watch it on his computer w/ headphones.

JD said...

I find that Netflix has been a way for me to discover great TV series and then go back and watch 2-3 years all in a bunch without commercials. Currently I am rolling through The Office, although OZ is on the list to get to soon. about the only show I watch live is Deadliest Catch on Discovery and Fringe on Fox.

Kate said...

Whew! I am SO glad I'm not the only one with a problem!

joy said...

This is a foregoing' great show. I love all the characters, especially Tommy. He has so many problems but still manages to be funny, well i guess that is Denis Leary for you. It always comes up with entertaining funny story lines that make you want more.Catch all eps Doanload Rescue Me here..