Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Internal dialogue at 6 am

Tell me if you do this too: it's been a while. So you promise yourself that tomorrow morning, you're going to do it. Six a.m. is upon you and once again, you're disgusted with yourself because your desire to stay in bed is ludicrously stronger than your desire to get out, in the cold, and go to the gym. You must be crazy.

I've been doing this for several weeks now. Tomorrow is always the day. See, I was doing so good. My eyelids were falling open every morning--even on weekends--and I was at that gym like a duck on a junebug. For a good three months this was my routine. Then, the inevitable happened. I took a trip. Two time zones away. Pretty much haven't been to the gym since.

Luckily, I have quasi-decent self control when it comes to food, so the consequences of my absence at the gym aren't too shocking--yet. But even though I know in my head that the satisfaction I have after a good workout is SO much better than that extra hour of sleep, the sleep still seizes me. The SHAME! What I am proud of, however, is the conversations I'm having with myself about this very topic at the wee hours of the morning. For some reason, I'm awake enough for a little debate, but not awake enough for a jog. Ridiculous.

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